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Top hats  &  natural law

Too much beta carotene, and you'll turn orange like an oompa-loompa.


Engage in sexual activity, and there's a chance - regardless of all the devices and hormonal cocktails you may be using - that it will result in its intended consequence: a bebeh.


There's this thing called Natural Law.

Basically, when we try to reinvent or redefine natural processes, we usually:

A)  Don't always succeed

B)  End up really, really frustrated


That's what happens with birth control and abortion.

But don't just take my word for it.

In 1992, the Supreme Court case Planned Parenthood vs. Casey stated:


"In several important aspects, the decision to use contraceptives is the same as the decision to abort."


"For two decades, couples have based their intimate relationships on the availability of abortion should contraceptives fail."


It's a self-sustaining cycle.

It begins with us deciding sex is primarily for pleasure, not babies.

So we go to great lengths (contraception) to enforce this new definition of sex, and override natural law.

We then get very upset when (SURPRISE) our new definition doesn't always work.

We must then take corrective measures (abortion) to further enforce our new definition.


This is why so many pro-life / anti-abortion / anti-choice / whatever the hell you want to call it - people are actually fighting the wrong end of the issue. They need to go deeper, to the root of the problem: a skewed definition of sex.


Not that I don't love the idea of tap-dancing squirrels... 

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