Behold the Sacrilege:

Is it worth it? (Ep. 2)
STILL ain't got time for any of this!
IUD vs. Toilet Paper
The ultimate cage match... who will win?
I froggin' LOVE science!
C'mon in, the water's fine...
Save the Chickens
Do it for Sarah MacLachlan
Aw crickets, that's TMI !
Please, only the RIGHT kind of TMI in the breakroom
Uncle Tim comes to visit
Some guests are more special than others...
Is it Worth it? (Ep 1)
Ain't NOBODY got time for that!
A Study in Toxicity
Panic at the Mall
People-watch at your own risk
Funky Monkeys
A tale of love lost
Dressing for Success
A case against casual Fridays
Top Hats & Natural Law
Can I interest you in a tap-dancing squirrel?
v ... MORE SACRILEGE ... v
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