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And then, one day, someone actually LIKED one of my cartoons.

This is a week late, but here it is anyway: Sacrilege You Say has been featured by none other than the illustrious!

Which cartoon made the cut?

Why, our very own lovable Tap-Dancing Squirrels!

It's kind of surreal. I've never had anyone like my chicken scratchings enough to actually share them, much less take up website bandwidth.

There may have been a frozen pizza consumed in celebration.

Okay, maybe two frozen pizzas. But I had help. And there were leftovers.

(The high school glory days of being able to ingest an entire frozen pizza while watching Flowers for Algernon recorded on VHS, bawling my eyes out over the tragic romance of it all, are long gone.)

So I just wanted to share the good news & wish everyone happy Easter.

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