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Nickelback: a study in toxicity

Ammonia-treated pink slime in ground beef.

Wood pulp in parmesan cheese.

Artificial hormones (those found in oral contraceptives) declared Class 1 Carcinogens.


Wait… what was that last one?

It must be breaking news, right? Newer than the cheese wood pulp stories?


Nope. It’s 11 years old.

Back in 2005, the World Health Organization quietly announced that hormonal contraception belongs in the Class 1 Carcinogen category. (This is the most dangerous, potent category, which also contains asbestos, tobacco products, and Plutonium.)


An explanation of these categories, along with a list of all Group 1 subtances, can be seen here.

Now, the page goes out of its way to mention there is “convincing” evidence that oral contraceptives may protect against endometrial & ovarian cancer. Sounds rather like a cancer Ponzi scheme… shifting risk from one area to another. Bernie Madoff would be proud.


Let's not forget breast cancer is still the leading cause of cancer death in women aged 20-59.

And without precedent, women are dying from this disease as young as 28 (as tragically happened to former Miss Venezuela, Eva Ekvall.)


I’ll take my chances with getting endometrial or ovarian cancer naturally, vs. getting breast cancer from synthetic sources.

But that’s just my personal preference. Everyone’s tastes are different.

Some people, for instance, like Nickelback.


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